Taller de cocinas solares

Resultados del Taller de cocinas solares impartido por Alberto Garcia en La Rosa del Taro. Hemos aprendido a confeccionar un horno solar y ver sus resultados.En Fuerteventura creemos en las energias que nos ofrece la naturaleza y lo ponemos en practica.

During the days 12, 13, 14 and 15 of September was held in the rural house La Rosa del Taro – on the island of Fuerteventura – a course of solar cooker. Fuerteventura is an island with abundant sunny days and frequent wind. An ideal place to cook with solar ovens, and for many other activities like diving, sailing, surfing or bathing in any of its wonderful beaches – while in your oven you cook a good canarian potaje.

During the different days of the course, the 12 attendees were able to learn about solar kitchens and ovens, why they work, and how they can be used for cooking. Also this talk was repeated in the capital of the island in an auditorium, where we met more people interested in solar cooking. Each of the workshop participants built their own solar furnace, reusing materials such as cardboard boxes, straw bales, foil and crystals. We also have a AlSol 1.4 parabolic cooker, a wooden solar oven, a kitchen made with an umbrella and some portable kitchen and foldable Lar.


Cooking cloudy

Unfortunately, some clouds covered the sky during the days of the course. In spite of the great equipment of kitchens and solar furnaces with which we counted, we could hardly cook. We also learned that wind and panel kitchens are not compatible, with a practical demonstration of flying kitchens. As it could not be otherwise, the days after the course were sunnier and bad weather was disappearing at the end of it. Life things.

This activity served to give birth to a network of contacts of solar cookers on the island, which will surely leave many future gastro-solar encounters. No doubt the interest and the enthusiasm was seeded so that this technology begins to spread by Fuerteventura and Lanzarote. And sunny days are not going to be missing.

Results of solar cooking workshop taught by Alberto Garcia in La Rosa del Taro. We learned how to make a solar oven and see their results.
In Fuerteventura believe in the energies that nature offers and put it into practice

Hemos cesado el Alquiler turistico y vacacional de las casas de La Rosa del Taro.
We have stopped the tourist and vacation rental of the houses of La Rosa del Taro

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