Terapias naturales


Reiki Master Teacher Usui Reiki Ryoho

I leave Spain in a search of my inner self and 7 years after traveling, experimenting , learning, growing, I return to the mountains to rediscover you, Nature.
I started working In London 7 years ago with animals & studied many topics about animal health care, behaviour & grooming.  I was also studying Reiki to help heal my past & help me find my true self. My path was coming closer when I found a healer from Brazil who spoke about Reiki , Reiki with animals & animal communication.
I am a Master Teacher Reiki Usui, Master Teacher with distinction in Animal Magic Reiki, Animal Magic Healing, Animal Communication ‘Soul Speak Method’ &  graduate in Bach Flower therapy for animals.

Working in London as an holistic animal therapist & trainer with domestic animals, I felt I needed to discover, connect & understand other species around the world. I travelled 3 times to South Africa to explore, work, teach & perform healing with baboons & vervet monkeys & also to Thailand to understand & work with elephants.  My work with wild animals was important as this gave me a deeper connection to domestic animals & the natural world.

I am based between Spain & London. In London I tutor holistic courses for animals at The Scratching Post Cat Rescue Centre & in Spain I work in a beautiful place in the mountains – ‘La Rosa del Taro’ where I teach I provide holistic therapy to people and animals.

7 years ago, I didn’t think I could reach this beautiful and fulfilling point in my life, but my inner animal spirit guided me to Norwich, London, Thailand, Africa, etc…. & back to the wonderful mountain in Spain, La Rosa del Taro.

I started my travel with this quote ‘Until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains unawakened’ and each I see an animal I know where is my soul. 

Now is time for a new adventure, a new unfold, a beautiful magic Space in Fuerteventura, La Rosa del Taro, opened her heart for me and I am going to connect, work & explore a new life.